Saturday, April 19, 2014

Safe from Property Market Indonesia Threat "Bubble"

Indonesian property market will continue to experience positive growth and safe from the threat of a bubble . In other words , the growth of the property market is still in its path and the cooling can be controlled thanks to the policies implemented by Bank Indonesia in June 2012 and September 2013 in the form of a credit to the determination of the ratio of the value of the asset ( loan to value / LTV ) and higher interest rates.

Growth in Indonesia 's property market is still considered to be reasonable because with strong demand as a result of economic growth that drives bertambahnha middle class with increasing purchasing power .

Observers are banking on the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) , Mochamman Doddy Ariefianto , express it , related phenomena property market slump in Asian countries such as China , Hong Kong , and Singapore to , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

" Implementation of LTV , higher interest rates or other cooling policies in a monetary tightening package can effectively slow the rate of growth of property to the state fair and positive . Since 2012 Indonesia has already anticipated the possibility of a property bubble . So , if there is a decrease will not be too steep dive , " said Doddy .

The decline in growth , said Doddy , occurs very smooth . This condition has been going on before the property slump phenomenon in China , Hong Kong , and Singapore . Moreover , the total value of mortgages ( mortgage) only half of the 28 percent of consumer loans to total loans of Rp 3,200 trillion as of January 2014 .

" So , the growth will continue . Percentage is not as high as before the only monetary tightening 35 percent . Currently and in the future growth of only 20 percent , " Doddy said .
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The growth , he added , driven by sales incentives that stimulate developers to produce . Despite braking , sales remain high . Prices skyrocketed as demand continues to strengthen.


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