Friday, April 25, 2014

Graphics Card ' Monster ' Nvidia Gliding End of April

The presence of a dual - GPU graphics card Radeon R9 - 295x2 taken seriously by Nvidia . AMD 's competitors also ensure ' monster ' challenger already on store shelves by the end of this April .

Carrying the title GTX Titan - Z , offal graphics card ' monster ' is composed of two GK110 GPU with 28 nm manufacturing in it . The combination of both thrusting 880 CUDA cores , 240 TMU , and 48 ROPs.
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Memory capacity is also not kidding , immerse Nvidia GDDR5 chips with a total size of 12 GB , which is the sum divided by 2 for each core by 6 GB . As for its memory bandwidth is equal to 384 bits .

However, when compared to the Radeon R9 - 295x2 which combines dry and liquid cooling , graphics card Nvidia GPU conference was announced in last month 's Technology is only equipped with dry cooling via fan large enough .

Even so , it actually leads to the swelling of Titan GTX - Z dimension , so that the user shall prepare a space that takes 3 PCI slots .

As quoted from VR - Zone , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) , although referred to already begin to be distributed throughout the world , Titan GTX - Z new plan will begin to enter the store shelves on April 28 .

While the price offered to sign him is USD 2,999 or approximately USD 34 million .

The official price is much higher than the Radeon R9 - 295x2 offered by AMD of $ 1,499 or approximately USD 17 million .

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