Monday, March 31, 2014

LG Android Smartphone Grows Rapidly

CALIFORNIA - Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported that the operating system ( OS ) Android continues to expand its smartphone market share in the United States ( U.S. ) . Statisitk shown that Google's mobile OS market share was up 3.9 percent from last year .
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Among the many manufacturers of Android , LG is a brand of Android with the most rapid growth . As a result , LG became the third largest producer of smartphones in the U.S. today with a market share of 8 percent . While the first and second positions occupied by Apple and Samsung .

Unlike last year when LG relies on mid-market segment , LG G2 now dominate sales . This premium smartphone even more popular than the iPhone 5S and Galaxy Note 3 .

" LG G2 marks a significant change for the LG , which is above the market . Figured consumer recommendation for the last three months shows the LG G2 has the highest rating to the value of 9.2 out of 10 , followed by the iPhone 5S 9.1 and Galaxy Note 3 to 9 , " Global Strategic Insight Director obvious Kantar Worldpanel ComTech , Dominic Sunnebo , as reported by Phone Arena , Tuesday ( 01/04/2014 ) .
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Positive consumer interest is very important in the mobile market , so Sunnobeo said , it could help LG maintain momentum . " Selling mobile phones is important , but getting buyers to drive your sales , is equally important , " he explained .

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 retired numbers

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 retired numbers
A week already Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 aircraft reported missing after taking off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA ) to Beijing . Until now , the fate of 227 passengers with 12 crew members is unknown . (see also: obat burung)

The loss making carrier Malaysia Airlines decided to change the flight number of the Kuala Lumpur - Beijing route . That is , the code MH370 and MH371 will no longer be used .

" As a courtesy to our passengers and crew MH370 , which is missing on March 8 , MH370 and MH371 flight code will be retired from Malaysia Airlines , " the press statement on Malaysia Airlines as reported by the New Straits Times , Friday ( 14/3 ) .

Removal of two flight numbers , then the airline will use a different one for flight to Beijing . When back to KLIA , flight MH319 MH371 will be replaced without changing the frequency of departures .

" We are thinking and praying as a couple of our colleagues and the passengers MH370 . "

These changes have been carried out starting from today, where on the site they have to change the code into MH318 MH371 which comes into force today , at 12:35 local time . Meanwhile , MH319 will take off at 08:55 local time . (see also: vitamin burung)

Changes also have occurred when an Air France flight number change them from becoming a445 A447 for the purpose of Rio de Janeiro - Paris . The conversion is done to avoid negative perceptions after a plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 .

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Linkage Flora and Fauna Indonesia and Australia

Indonesia has a wealth of flora and fauna will be tremendous . Subject are some of them due to the fact that the country lies surrounding Indonesia is not just a geographic location but two locations zoological geography ( zoogeography ) a big world. According to the geological sense , Indonesian western side , with tigers , rhinos , and elephants , closely related to other parts of Asia , but the eastern side of Indonesia relating to australia .(see also: pakan burung)

Linkages Between Flora and Fauna Indonesia - Australia
Island Irian ( Irian Jaya province which includes ) origin is the north side of the peninsula australia . The climb to the top side of the sea surface when Australia turned north toward Asia , which began approximately 45 million years old . That then . Approximately 25 million years . Which then , large movements in the earth's crust is very likely flood the oceans to land, separating Australia from Irian . Since then , the fabric of the Australian mainland so air- between ( sometimes there sometimes not ) .

In the west Irian Jaya , the sea is always too highly likely to exist in contact constantly land on the other side in Irian with Indonesia . Subject This means that in principle have irian fauna and flora australia . Here there was no tigers , rhinos , elephants and other fauna that while most Asian fauna Asian small type , like the rat was able to cross , perhaps by hitching a ride on floating vegetation in the sea .

Irian Jaya is the area for most types of Australian native animals . This type includes monotrem animals like echidna ( porcupine ) , marsupials like the kangaroo and possum , birds like cockatoos and paradiso birds , and reptiles like skinks ( lizard ) and edge -necked turtle ' > on the edge . Lillipili like plants , eucalyptus trees and many other types , there also is evidence of the fabric of the old days in Australia and Irian . In addition, there is no more striking fabric of the mountains at an altitude of Irian Jaya trees grew very close relationship with pines celery -top type and the type of Huon pine in tasmania . These trees are just living in an area that is very cold and wet . At the time of Australia so dry as long as 15 million years . Most recently, some of these species become extinct on mainland Australia , and is currently only live in the north islands ( Irian ) , and to the south ( tasmania ) .

According to history , the wealth of some Indonesian plants that depend on the trade origin of australia . Cloves are flower buds of a kind of plant lillipili , which is very much a kind of tree found in Australia . Eucalyptus oil contrived from paperbark tree , which is something else that is the same type as well as the one in Australia , but the bird or bird of paradise paradiso also animal origin from Australia , which used to be used to sell merchandise . See the value , and clove natural that the image of paradise appears in paper money 20 dollars . 000 's.

Flora and Fauna Indonesia - Australia
Several types of fauna and flora same with australia is not just limited in Irian Jaya alone because in all the islands of Maluku , especially up to Sulawesi , also found that some types . Subject is used because there is a geological phenomenon which is the fault sliding .

Fault slide is a big crack in the earth's crust called the sliding fit with the name of the city in the northeast Irian Jaya . The fissure runs from east to west during irian north as far as several hundred miles .. Along 40 million years old . , Cracks are already removing pieces comprehensive land new guinea north . The islands are created by passing the subject turns to the west across the ocean towards Sulawesi .

Eastern parts of Sulawesi ( ie 2nd form side arms being the island ) came from Irian parts are cracked and displaced by the sliding fault . Moreover, to date location lakes filled kinds of freshwater fish that is very close to the type in australia , but fish in other lakes in Sulawesi origin of asia . There are two types of couscous in Sulawesi , as well as the berbusut Maleo strange , and some type of animal and plant origin are also like this . The whole of this type came from australia - Irian , survive millions of years . When separate areas of origin so the islands are slowly changing to the west across the Maluku Sea , and subsequently survived competition with Asian fauna in other areas on the island of Sulawesi when colliding with the other side of Sulawesi .

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