Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lifting Not Reached, UKP4 Blame SKK slowness in Oil and Gas Decision

Lifting the national oil has decreased in recent years . According to Kuntoro, Chairman of the Presidential Work Unit for Development Monitoring and Control (UKP4 ) , one reason is the slow pace of decision making at the level of SKK Oil and Gas .

"I think it should be fixed for decision-making in the oil and gas SKK slow. And I think it should be brought forward , " said Kuntoro after attending acaran 2015-2019 Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Transportation in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

Kuntoro explained , some of the projects that work has not been completed by SKK oil and gas to date . " Now a lot of the delays , the deep-sea mining in the Makassar Strait has not been resolved . This should be resolved , if yes will not go on like this , " he said .

Kuntoro oil and gas drilling is an investment that the new results can be felt the next 5 years . " Because this is an investment , the results of which will be felt 5 years , this rate could be danger , " he said .

Previously , oil lifting target of state budget in 2013 amounted to 840,000 barrels per day ( bpd ) , but the realization was only 825,000 bpd . In 2014 , the state budget is targeting 870,000 bpd oil lifting .
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However, these targets are required to be revised because it is not able to fulfill .


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