Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Research : Spa Babies Raise Kids intelligence

A research states that the benefits of the spa in infants who are equipped with special massage is believed to stimulate the motor movement , improve concentration , and can stimulate children's intelligence .

Other research shows even baby massage and spa can improve concentration , and can improve the intelligence of a child's brain , besides being one of the best ways to care for the baby and the impact on health while creating stronger emotional bond between mother and baby .
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" Infant massage as part of baby spa treatments beneficial for stimulating motor muscles and improve immunity to diseases that make babies healthier and smarter , " said President Director of PT . Barclay Products Phillips Gunawan in his statement to reporters in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .

It provide specific training and education regarding the spa and massage baby, named Education My Baby Spa directly at Modern Shop Channel ( hypermarkets and supermarkets ) and in posyandu - posyandu throughout Indonesia . The activity has been routinely performed since 2012 and directly reach thousands of Indonesian mother .

According to him , a spa and a massage right on the baby's body has been proven through various studies were able to make babies more relaxed , carefree and do not like to cry .

" In addition, to prevent the symptoms of bloating , helps digestive system , and can make the baby sleep more soundly , " he said .

Gunawan hope through training provided by expert treatment and massage baby from My Baby Spa , future mothers and parents can apply it at home and do themselves to the baby whenever needed .

Activity My Baby Spa uses products from the My Baby , My Baby Oil as Telon Plus which gives a sense of warmth , prevents flatulence , and is the first Telon oil products in Indonesia, which proved effective in protecting babies from mosquito bites / insect containing citronella oil , as well as contains Chamomile to help prevent irritation .

IPB laboratory has tested and demonstrated the use of Telon oil may protect babies from mosquito bites for up to six hours .


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