Saturday, April 26, 2014

IOS update, iPhone Battery Saving?

Apple has released the latest update of their operating system . IOS version 7.1.1 update is intended for the iPhone , iPad , and iPod Touch . In addition to improving the accuracy of the Touch ID and bug fixes , this update seems to also help save battery .

At least it was revealed by ZDNet that , on Thursday ( 04/24/2014 ) , claiming that the iPhone battery life can last a little longer after the software update .
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According to ZDNet , the iPhone 5 , based on those who are using iOS version 7.0 , the iPhone battery is used for six hours after leaving a fully charged battery will power about 74 percent .

However , after updated to iOS version 7.1 , the iPhone battery is used after six hours it actually dropped to about 48 percent .

As soon as Apple released update version 7.1.1 on Tuesday , the battery life of the iPhone 5 has increased drastically . After six hours of use , the remaining power is 76 percent , slightly better than when using iOS 7.0 .

Chances are , Apple also include code optimization software in the newest update . By optimizing software that works , then the battery will not be drained useless .

However , assessment of the device can not be used as a benchmark . Different devices also different applications used in it . How to use also between different users .


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