Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Apple Shares Rise, U.S. stocks Print Record Again

Stocks on Wall Street closed in the green zone , on Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) local time (Wednesday morning GMT ) , as good as some of the economic data the United States ( U.S. ) . S & P 500 index recorded a new closing record for the second consecutive session ,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 69.23 points ( 0.42 percent) at 16,675.50 . Then the tech- heavy Nasdaq jumped 51.26 points ( 1.22 percent) to 4237.07 .

While broad -based index of the S & P 500 added 11.38 points ( 0.60 per cent ) to end at 1911.91 . On Friday the index closed above 1,900 for the first time . U.S. markets were closed on Monday for a public holiday .
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Recent U.S. economic data showing a rise in consumer confidence for May , startling increase in durable goods orders for April and an increase in house prices for March on the S & P / Case - Shiller that many monitored .

Wells Fargo Advisors mention economic data " gives hope " in the market .

Director Mace Blicksilver of Marblehead Asset Management , said the rally in technology stocks is a sign of improved sentiment .

Technology companies that include Apple's posted a 1.9 percent increase , Facebook rose 3.5 percent , 5.2 percent and increased Priceline Tesla Motors rose 2.1 percent .

U.S. chicken producer Pilgrim Pride announced an offer to acquire meat and frozen food Hillshire Brands in a deal worth 6.4 billion U.S. dollars , with the condition to cancel the proposed takeover Hillshire Pinnacle Foods 6.6 billion U.S. dollars .

Hillshire said the company prepared for the proposed takeover of Pinnacle , but promised to study the offer .

Hillshire shares jumped 22.1 percent , up 1.7 percent and the Pilgrim Pinnacle slumped 5.4 percent .

Bank of America rose 3.4 percent as the company resubmit its capital plan to the Federal Reserve requires banks to hold its shareholder distribution .

Maker of Botox , Allergan , released a presentation that attacks Valeant Pharmaceuticals in the latest attempt to thwart an unsolicited takeover bid . The company raised a variety of issues , including Valeant 's ability to promote Allergan products and extensive turnover in the management of Valeant . Allergan shares fell 1.1 percent , while Valeant dropped 2.6 percent .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chairman of the Shura Council CLA: From pronunciation Read segue, Jokowi Residents NU

Chairman of the Shura Council of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) KH Abdul Aziz Mansoor assured that the presidential candidate , Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) , is a citizen of NU . He proved it on the way Jokowi assessed fluent reading blessings on the Prophet .

Caregivers Tarbiyatunnasyi'in Boarding School , Hoes Gowang has , Jombang , East Java , was admitted several times witnessed Jokowi recite blessings sentence at the beginning of his speech .

" From there I 'm sure , Jokowi is because the pronunciation NU reads Jokowi NU is typical pronunciation when reading and prayers , " he said at a forum of friendship scholars in Surabaya , Sunday ( 05/25/2014 ) afternoon .

Aziz added that many who gave an overview of Jokowi about good and bad , but he admitted to still do a series of istikharah and counting .
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" As a result , Jokowi deemed worthy to become the leader of the country and bring NU forward for the better , " he said .

The top choice , as Chairman of the advisory board that oversees the scholars PKB , Aziz willing to guarantee and be responsible to the citizens of PKB and NU in general , as well as to God .

" Jokowi is the best choice for NU and PKB to the nation and the state , " he concluded .

In that forum , PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar was also introduced to the masses JK PKB . Muhaimin call JK not new at NU . JK noted as Mustasyar Board of NU .

PKB itself formally join the coalition supporting Jokowi - Jusuf Kalla with three other parties , the PDI - P , Nasdem Party , and Hanura , on May 10 , in a joint plenary meeting of the Shura council in his home , at boarding school Tarbiyatunnasyi'in , Hoes Gowang has , Jombang , East Java .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Yenny Wahid Join Called Support Prabowo-Hatta

Yenny Wahid called docked to provide support to the coalition partner -vice presidential candidate Prabowo Red White - Hatta Rajasa . What's more , Hatta Rajasa had a meeting with Yenny .

" Yenny Wahid states joined , " said Secretary General of the Gerindra Muzani Ahmad , at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital , Friday ( 23/5 ) .

According Muzani , joining Yenny not surprising . In 2009 , he said , director of the Wahid Institute also provides support for Prabowo . Moreover Yenny husband , Dhohir Pharisee , a Gerindra politician .
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" So , if it now supports , it is not surprising considering his consistency over the years, " he said .

Yenny Muzani expect the merger to strengthen support nahdliyin mass - Hatta Prabowo pair . Moreover, NU chairman Said Aqil previously Siradj personally provide support for the couple . Mahfud MD NU leaders even became chairman of the winning team .

" Hopefully with Yenny could strengthen support NU , non - NU , Gusdurian , " he said .

However , he could not confirm whether the daughter of Gus Dur would go to be part of winning team or not .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Apple No Longer The World's Most Valuable Brand

Based on a survey conducted by a marketing research firm , Millward Brown , Google in 2014 managed to beat Apple's dominance as the most valuable brand ( Most Valuable Brand ) .

Apple previously held the title for three consecutive years , from 2011 to 2013 . Study conducted by Millward Brown is to calculate the value of a brand then the ranking .

The value of the Google brand itself is estimated Millward Brown reached 158.8 million U.S. dollars . This figure increased by 40 percent over the previous year .
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While Apple , its brand value fell 20 percent from a year ago to be 147.8 million U.S. dollars .

The decrease in the valuation of these brands by Millward Brown due to a public perception that Apple considers complacent over dominance and did not show significant innovation .

On the other hand , Google assessed incentive to create innovative products that unconventional , although most of them have not been released to the market .

" Google has done a lot of innovation last year with making Google Glass , investing in artificial intelligence technology and innovate by bringing the Android operating system into the cabin of the car , " the light of Nick Cooper , executive Milward Brown , as quoted from The Verge ( 21/5 / 2014 ) .

" All that Google was giving a strong signal to consumers about what they will do in the future , while diminishing the performance of the Apple visits , " added Cooper .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Win a pair sultra Ready PAN Prabowo-Hatta

Council leader region ( DPC ) Southeast Sulawesi ready PAN won Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa the presidential and vice presidential elections ( presidential ) 9 July 2014.

DPW chairman Nur Alam PAN Southeast Sulawesi , Kendari , on Tuesday said PAN cadres while maintaining its constituents to provide support and unite couples perception in order to win the presidential and vice- presidential candidate backed by the six parties .

Sixth parties supporting mate Prabowo - Hata Rajasa ie Gerindra , PAN , Golkar , PPP , PKS and the United Nations .

" As a party cadre should obey and be subject to the decision of the DPP , all party cadres have a moral obligation to keep constituents in the Presidential election on July 9 , " he said .
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He added that the party cadres will win a pair Prabowo maximum - Hatta along with other supporters of the party in the upcoming presidential election .

According to him , the hard work and loyalty to the interests and will of the people of the PAN party cadres will work with maximum and optimistic to win mate Prabowo - Hatta .

Presidential candidate who had the support of the party 's sixth - supporting mate Prabowo Gerindra Hata Rajasa ie , PAN , Golkar , PPP , PKS partner and the UN declared the president and vice president in the former residence of the former first President Soekarno .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jokowi: Cawapres buy Jusuf Kalla

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla stated that the vice presidential candidate is going to be with him in the presidential election of 2014.

The announcement will be vice Jokowi once held in the declaration Joang , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

" After meetings and consultations with party supporters , PDI-P , Nasdem Party , the National Awakening Party , and Hanura , as well as consideration of Ms. Megawati Soekarkoputri .
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Last night we have decided , vice presidential candidate who would accompany me is Mr. Drs Haji Mohammad Jusuf Kalla , " said Jokowi Joang Building , Central Jakarta .

Jokowi- axis Kalla carried PDI coalition with three other parties , namely Nasdem Party , the National Awakening Party , and Hanura .

 According to the plan , after the declaration , the pair will go to the residence of the Chairman of Megawati Sukarnoputri's PDIP in Jalan Teuku Umar , Central Jakarta . Furthermore , they will register with the National Election Commission .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Most recent GM So in Eye Manufacturing Company Supplier

Among the major manufacturers in the United States ( U.S. ) , General Motors ( GM ) , considered as the worst in the eyes of a number of Tier 1 parts supplier companies . Conclusion is obtained based on a survey conducted by consultancy Planning Perspectives Incorporated ( PPI ) from London , England .

GM only managed to rank last ( sixth ) below the five other manufacturers operating in the U.S. . A major problem for companies that block components , is a matter of trust , communication , and protection of intellectual property .

The largest U.S. automaker is also considered the most difficult to reach an agreement when it would raise the price because the cost of raw material components . Of the total of 55 percent of suppliers are included in the survey consider their relationship with GM 's " bad " to "very bad " .
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Other Brands
Other brands are also coming from the U.S. , Chrysler , also not very successful either because it just sits rated five and under Ford ( four ) . Third place was taken the Nissan from Ford last year 's ranking master . Toyota is still a favorite for corporate manufacturers component suppliers , followed by Honda in second .

PPI also conducted a survey of Volkswagen , BMW , and Mercedes - Benz , but all of these brands in the category of small manufacturers in the market because the percentage is relatively far behind the U.S. and Japan brand sales .

As a result, the value obtained from the Mercedes and VW occupied warning under the GM , while BMW selangah behind Toyota . Reported by Reuters ( 12/05/2014 ) , these results suggest that U.S. manufacturers are facing serious problems than the Japanese one looks better relationship with industry supporters .

John Henke , PPI leader and researcher of the Center for Supply Chain Management at Rutgers University , said the popularity of the Toyota and Nissan among supplier companies increased sharply . " Conditions are able to enter the era of supplier relationships that are less good for Detroit Trio , " Henke said .

The reason , Japanese manufacturers position themselves not just want to take advantage of a poor relationship between the company and the supplier of the Detroit Trio . But , they simultaneously raise the standard of the company 's relationship with its component suppliers .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Bandung Build 20 Thousand New Classrooms

West Java Provincial Government to prepare a budget for the construction of 20 thousand new classrooms ( RKB ) schools conducted in stages until completion in 2018 .

" 2014 will begin four thousand , until 2018 so 20 thousand , " said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan after a memorial service at the National Education Day 2014 Gedung Sate Bandung , Friday ( 2/5 ) .
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He said it has launched a program of classroom since 2008, each year continues to increase until the year 2013 as many as six thousand RKB .

She revealed by the 2008 number of new classrooms have been improved by 49 per cent , 71 per cent 20014 , 2018 target can be reached 97 percent .

" Therefore will check the physical needs in West Java , West Java needs in the classroom , " he said .

Related to the available budget for the RKB program , confirms Heryawan enough , already calculated the budget required .

" The budget is not enough there is a problem , " said the Prosperous Justice Party politician . In addition to preparing classroom viable for teaching and learning activities , the Governor also seeks to improve the quality of teachers .

While the National Education Day ceremony attended by staff and officials of West Java Provincial Government bureaucracy and the students of junior - high school .


Retired Marines 13 Kg Gold Brain Robbery

Police officers secure the perpetrators of the robbery of gold weighing 13 kilograms . The man who was arrested this new role as the brain robbery .

Crime and Violence Head of Sub Directorate General of Criminal Investigation Jakarta Police , Sr. Comr Herry Heryawan , say , actors secured in one of the houses located in the area Ciganjur , Jagakarsa , South Jakarta .
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" So this actor named RG brain . Marines He is retired with the rank of second lieutenant helper ( Pelda ) , " said Herrera , Friday, May 2, 2014 .

Herrera explained , based on the recognition while , GR received money from the robbery in some areas . " Robbery in Purwakarta , GR get part of Rp100 million , while robbery in Depok he can Rp45 million , " said Herrera .

Still acknowledgment GR , Herrera continued , he got the money from the suspect PS that has been previously secured by Pomdam Jaya .

Metro Jaya police chief , Inspector General Dwi Priyatno , if there is a person justifies the Army involved in this robbery . " We 're coordinating with POM , " said Dwi .