Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Research : Spa Babies Raise Kids intelligence

A research states that the benefits of the spa in infants who are equipped with special massage is believed to stimulate the motor movement , improve concentration , and can stimulate children's intelligence .

Other research shows even baby massage and spa can improve concentration , and can improve the intelligence of a child's brain , besides being one of the best ways to care for the baby and the impact on health while creating stronger emotional bond between mother and baby .
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" Infant massage as part of baby spa treatments beneficial for stimulating motor muscles and improve immunity to diseases that make babies healthier and smarter , " said President Director of PT . Barclay Products Phillips Gunawan in his statement to reporters in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .

It provide specific training and education regarding the spa and massage baby, named Education My Baby Spa directly at Modern Shop Channel ( hypermarkets and supermarkets ) and in posyandu - posyandu throughout Indonesia . The activity has been routinely performed since 2012 and directly reach thousands of Indonesian mother .

According to him , a spa and a massage right on the baby's body has been proven through various studies were able to make babies more relaxed , carefree and do not like to cry .

" In addition, to prevent the symptoms of bloating , helps digestive system , and can make the baby sleep more soundly , " he said .

Gunawan hope through training provided by expert treatment and massage baby from My Baby Spa , future mothers and parents can apply it at home and do themselves to the baby whenever needed .

Activity My Baby Spa uses products from the My Baby , My Baby Oil as Telon Plus which gives a sense of warmth , prevents flatulence , and is the first Telon oil products in Indonesia, which proved effective in protecting babies from mosquito bites / insect containing citronella oil , as well as contains Chamomile to help prevent irritation .

IPB laboratory has tested and demonstrated the use of Telon oil may protect babies from mosquito bites for up to six hours .


Employers criticism Prohibition Permission Minimarket in Sukabumi

Sukabumi City Government policy prohibits the issuance of new mini criticism .
One of them presented Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association ( Hipmi ) District / City of Sukabumi . '' We do not agree with the ban , '' said Chairman Hipmi County / City of Sukabumi , Ade Wahyudin .

According to him , such a move would have a negative impact . For example, an effect on the employment of the business sector minimarket reduced .
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Ideally Ade said , to protect small businesses municipal government impose restrictions on operating hours minimarket has been done in other areas .
It is considered better than the Forbidding to permit the establishment of a minimarket .

According to Ade , mini can also be towed to promote the products of small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) .

Examples of local SME products to be marketed in getting quotas minimarket . So there is a good relationship between the two parties .

Meanwhile the government asks Parliament Sukabumi consistent in banning new permits minimarket . It is associated with local government measures that will not permit the establishment of a minimarket in 2014 . ''

We ask the government did not give permission consistently new minimart establishment , '' said a member of Commission I DPRD Sukabumi , Dany Ramdhani , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

IOS update, iPhone Battery Saving?

Apple has released the latest update of their operating system . IOS version 7.1.1 update is intended for the iPhone , iPad , and iPod Touch . In addition to improving the accuracy of the Touch ID and bug fixes , this update seems to also help save battery .

At least it was revealed by ZDNet that , on Thursday ( 04/24/2014 ) , claiming that the iPhone battery life can last a little longer after the software update .
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According to ZDNet , the iPhone 5 , based on those who are using iOS version 7.0 , the iPhone battery is used for six hours after leaving a fully charged battery will power about 74 percent .

However , after updated to iOS version 7.1 , the iPhone battery is used after six hours it actually dropped to about 48 percent .

As soon as Apple released update version 7.1.1 on Tuesday , the battery life of the iPhone 5 has increased drastically . After six hours of use , the remaining power is 76 percent , slightly better than when using iOS 7.0 .

Chances are , Apple also include code optimization software in the newest update . By optimizing software that works , then the battery will not be drained useless .

However , assessment of the device can not be used as a benchmark . Different devices also different applications used in it . How to use also between different users .


Friday, April 25, 2014

Graphics Card ' Monster ' Nvidia Gliding End of April

The presence of a dual - GPU graphics card Radeon R9 - 295x2 taken seriously by Nvidia . AMD 's competitors also ensure ' monster ' challenger already on store shelves by the end of this April .

Carrying the title GTX Titan - Z , offal graphics card ' monster ' is composed of two GK110 GPU with 28 nm manufacturing in it . The combination of both thrusting 880 CUDA cores , 240 TMU , and 48 ROPs.
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Memory capacity is also not kidding , immerse Nvidia GDDR5 chips with a total size of 12 GB , which is the sum divided by 2 for each core by 6 GB . As for its memory bandwidth is equal to 384 bits .

However, when compared to the Radeon R9 - 295x2 which combines dry and liquid cooling , graphics card Nvidia GPU conference was announced in last month 's Technology is only equipped with dry cooling via fan large enough .

Even so , it actually leads to the swelling of Titan GTX - Z dimension , so that the user shall prepare a space that takes 3 PCI slots .

As quoted from VR - Zone , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) , although referred to already begin to be distributed throughout the world , Titan GTX - Z new plan will begin to enter the store shelves on April 28 .

While the price offered to sign him is USD 2,999 or approximately USD 34 million .

The official price is much higher than the Radeon R9 - 295x2 offered by AMD of $ 1,499 or approximately USD 17 million .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lifting Not Reached, UKP4 Blame SKK slowness in Oil and Gas Decision

Lifting the national oil has decreased in recent years . According to Kuntoro, Chairman of the Presidential Work Unit for Development Monitoring and Control (UKP4 ) , one reason is the slow pace of decision making at the level of SKK Oil and Gas .

"I think it should be fixed for decision-making in the oil and gas SKK slow. And I think it should be brought forward , " said Kuntoro after attending acaran 2015-2019 Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Transportation in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

Kuntoro explained , some of the projects that work has not been completed by SKK oil and gas to date . " Now a lot of the delays , the deep-sea mining in the Makassar Strait has not been resolved . This should be resolved , if yes will not go on like this , " he said .

Kuntoro oil and gas drilling is an investment that the new results can be felt the next 5 years . " Because this is an investment , the results of which will be felt 5 years , this rate could be danger , " he said .

Previously , oil lifting target of state budget in 2013 amounted to 840,000 barrels per day ( bpd ) , but the realization was only 825,000 bpd . In 2014 , the state budget is targeting 870,000 bpd oil lifting .
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However, these targets are required to be revised because it is not able to fulfill .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Safe from Property Market Indonesia Threat "Bubble"

Indonesian property market will continue to experience positive growth and safe from the threat of a bubble . In other words , the growth of the property market is still in its path and the cooling can be controlled thanks to the policies implemented by Bank Indonesia in June 2012 and September 2013 in the form of a credit to the determination of the ratio of the value of the asset ( loan to value / LTV ) and higher interest rates.

Growth in Indonesia 's property market is still considered to be reasonable because with strong demand as a result of economic growth that drives bertambahnha middle class with increasing purchasing power .

Observers are banking on the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) , Mochamman Doddy Ariefianto , express it , related phenomena property market slump in Asian countries such as China , Hong Kong , and Singapore to Kompas.com , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

" Implementation of LTV , higher interest rates or other cooling policies in a monetary tightening package can effectively slow the rate of growth of property to the state fair and positive . Since 2012 Indonesia has already anticipated the possibility of a property bubble . So , if there is a decrease will not be too steep dive , " said Doddy .

The decline in growth , said Doddy , occurs very smooth . This condition has been going on before the property slump phenomenon in China , Hong Kong , and Singapore . Moreover , the total value of mortgages ( mortgage) only half of the 28 percent of consumer loans to total loans of Rp 3,200 trillion as of January 2014 .

" So , the growth will continue . Percentage is not as high as before the only monetary tightening 35 percent . Currently and in the future growth of only 20 percent , " Doddy said .
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The growth , he added , driven by sales incentives that stimulate developers to produce . Despite braking , sales remain high . Prices skyrocketed as demand continues to strengthen.


Electricity Tariff Increase Could Impact Factory Closures

The government will raise electricity rates for industry groups I3 ( go public ) with over 300 Kva power of 38.9 % as well as a large industrial group I4 30 thousand Kva power up by 64.7 % from 1 May 2014 . Businessmen also commented .

Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Asoasiasi ( APINDO ) , Sofyan Wanandi assess this increase only as a policy to boost the prestige of the current government . " It's up to the government , who only want to issue a populist policies ," he said in Jakarta as quoted on Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .
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He considered that the increase was set too high , especially for industry groups I3 , moreover, this increase is only carried out in stages until the end of the year . " The increase is certainly hard for employers because the increase is too extreme to 64 % , " he continued .

Sofyan also said it has been trying to ask the government to extend the stage gives rise to a longer time for the industry to prepare for the cost of production after the increase is implemented .
" We 've asked for waivers to pay for 3 years , but the government does not want to hear , " he said .

He also reminded the government will impact experienced industry players due to the rate increase and its effect on the growth of national industry .

" The possibility will be followed by a rise in the price of goods , reducing industrial production capacity , they could close the plant if it could not compete with imported goods , laying off workers . If it were so , there is no longer willing to invest in the upstream industry , " he concluded .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Classic house for dispensing Islamic Coalition Party

Classic house for dispensing Islamic Coalition Party
Classic style house number 24 in Jalan Cikini Raya , Central Jakarta , suddenly become mass media attention , on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) night . In the white house was assembled dozens of organizations and leaders of Islamic -based party .

Approximately 08:00 pm , workers at the home owned by businessman Ratna Hashim Ning , it's been very busy . A truck filled with chairs went into the yard . The seats that will welcome the leaders of Islam .

" I've given out early , so renting a bench directly in the district , " said one of the security of the house to Okezone .
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Whether coincidence or there is a history that is used to mix the coalition of Islamic parties . " Usually the house is only used for the study , " he explained .

This spacious home Ratna Hashim approximately one acre . Three domestic servants working in the house . Every weekend , come special janitor cleaning the whole house .

Security who do not want to be named, said he did not know since when Ratna stay at the luxurious classic house . " Approximately 1992, the house is already there , " he said . At 18:30 pm , a number of leaders of Islamic organizations and parties began to attend .

Senior coalition politician who initiated the central axis in 1999 , Amien Rais was attended first . Followed by MCC President Anis Matta , Treasurer Bacharuddin Nashori PKB , PPP Vice Chairman Emron Pangkapi , MPP PAN Secretary Anwar Abubakar .

Dozens of preachers from print and electronic media await the outcome of a meeting held closed .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jokowi Ensure CSR Issues Bus Results Finish

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo ensure retention outcomes TransJakarta corporate social responsibility ( CSR ) in the administration has been completed .

" You see the bus what ? CSR right? There is the copy ? Ndak no problem if so in Jakarta , " said Jokowi pointing to London Tour Bus parked in front of the office of Mayor of Bandung , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

" Three weeks away so the bus came . There are thirty , " he continued .

These companies must still pay taxes to the government . About the magnitude and mechanisms , Jokowi pleaded not memorized and handed it to the Financial Management Agency (BPKD ) city government.

Previously , TransJakarta contribution by employers is complicated by his men , Regional Working Units ( on education ) Establishments .

Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja get mad over it . Basuki upset when I discovered that aid donors pulled the billboard tax when installing their products on the bus body .

BPKD quibble billboard tax collection was done so that the city government does not lose the state .

Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil said, according to the existing rules , companies that provide CSR and put a logo in the form of CSR , especially transportation modes , is subject to tax . " Yes , in accordance with the rules of it," he said .
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However , the tax does not go to the city government , but to a third party designated as the manager of the bus . " So his move to the city but not to Bandung Tourism Promotion Board . Third party so giving to a third party . We just set the regulations , " said Ridwan .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mandiri will annexed, BTN Stock Price Jumps

The stock price State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) on trading this morning shot along with the news that the bank would be annexed PT Bank Mandiri Tbk .

At 9:41 pm , shares of the bank that is coded BBTN rose to 11.81 percent at Rp 1,420 per share . In fact , shortly after the market opened , shares of BTN had touched the level of Rp 1,500 per share , up 15.33 percent from the previous day's close of Rp 1,270 per share .

Previously reported , BTN SOE Ministry will submit to the Bank . The plan will be decided at the general meeting of shareholders outside the ordinary ( EGM ) scheduled in May.

While it cites Cash , there is a letter from the Ministry of Enterprise , dated 11 April 2014 which was signed immediately by Billy Trihargo , Deputy of the Ministry of Enterprise Services and addressed to the Director of BTN .

The letter stated that the Government requested the implementation of the agenda of the EGM of the shareholders change BTN . Bank Mandiri will mememiliki dichromatic existing shares in BTN .

Budi Gunadi Sadikin , President Director of Bank Mandiri as confirmed not deny or justify . " We are awaiting direction shareholders first, " he said .
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Interestingly , Independent control of BTN with bonds recapitulation ( recap ) . " Self will replace the stock dichromatic wear BTN government bonds , with equity participation mechanism . Mechanism is quite decided in the AGM , do not need the legislature ( Parliament ) , " said the source .


JCI Still Prone to profit-taking

JAKARTA - In today's trading , the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) is expected to be in the range of 4854-4860 support and resistance 4875-4884 . JCI three inside up pattern ends with a shooting star formation above the middle Bollinger band ( MBB ) .

" The pace of JCI had to stay above the target range of 4800-4850 support , so do not open up the downside deeper , " said the Head of Research at Trust Securities , Reza Priyambada in his research , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Reza added that if there are less supportive sentiment and market participants prefer to take profit then turned lower JCI chance . " So over the debt gap at 4829-4906 levels it becomes difficult to shut down , " he added .
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In earlier trading , buying that occurs within a few days began to noticeably reduced . As usual , some market participants also take advantage of the increase that occurred prior to profit-taking .

As a result , JCI lost power to continue strengthening and debt over the gap in the level of 4829-4906 was not to close completely .

However, JCI eventually still be closed in the green zone . Whereas at the beginning of the session , his speed is good enough to survive in the green zone however , affected by the weakness in a number of Asian markets . ( MRT )


Monday, April 14, 2014

Robot Submarine Completes Debris Search MH370

PERTH - A robotic submarine completed its first search under the sea , to detect the presence of debris Malaysia Airlines MH370 . Mini submarines that perform operations for six hours .

Joint Coordination Center ( JACC ) said , robots Bluefin - 21 is derived from the Navy ship Ocean Shield . The focus of the search was still in the south Indian Ocean .

" The data collected in the search for six hours , are currently being analyzed . Took two hours for the Bluefin - 21 touch the bottom of the sea , " JACC statement , as quoted by ABC Australia , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Bluefin - 21 is scheduled to be lowered back today . While 11 aircraft and 11 ships will join in and do a visual search to find the signs of the MH370 .
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Monday, April 14, 2014 , Chairman of the JACC Angus Houston said , there was no detectable acoustic MH370 from the black box . This makes the search team to quickly deploy the Bluefin - 21 .

" We have not detected an sinyalpun in the last six days . So it 's time to do a search under the sea , " said Houston .

The deployment of the submarine robot is passed after search teams gave up to detect the black box . The black box was reinforced by batteries that emit a signal . But it seems the battery from the black box that was up last week .

Boeing 777 - 200ER belonging to Malaysia Airlines MH370 was reported missing on March 8, 2014 last . When missing , the plane carrying 239 passengers .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

IMF Wish New Government of Indonesia for Economic Reforms Continue

International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) praised the Indonesian government in dealing with the global economic turmoil and still maintain growth in 2013 ago . The IMF hopes the new administration can continue economic reforms .

Director of the IMF Asia Pacific Department Changyong Ree said Indonesia , Southeast Asia's largest economy , already in the " right track " after last year's economic turmoil with projected economic growth reached 5.4 percent in 2014 .

Faced with the depreciation of the rupiah last year , Indonesia raised interest rates and continue to take the reform efforts . Rhee reveals what happened last year in contrast to what happened in 1997 , a period in which the Asian financial crisis and the exchange rate plummeted .

" The important thing is whether the new government will continue the reform agenda . Indonesian government essentially creates great progress , " Rhee said at a meeting of the IMF / Worldbank as quoted by Channel News Asia on Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) .

Specifically Rhee praised the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to cut fuel subsidies ( BBM ) . Efforts are taken as corrective measures current account deficit and the lack of confidence in the exchange rate .
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" Trimming the subsidy is a step that is very difficult because it has implications for the high level of inflation in the future electoral politics . , But the Indonesian government brave enough to take this step , " said Rhee .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two Reasons Government Import Cocoa

Deputy Finance Minister Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro revealed two possible reasons for the need to import cocoa with larger quantity . " Could less cocoa or cocoa types can not be produced . 's What we will see first, " he said , Thursday, April 10, 2014 . ( Read : Government To Remove Duties Cocoa )

He explained that the quantity of exports of cocoa beans remains to be seen first. Bambang said , which is now going on the local cocoa beans processed abroad and then exported . Therefore , there will be a shortage in the country .

Bambang said the Finance Ministry will study the possibilities that exist . For example , whether or not the combination of Indonesian cocoa beans with cocoa from other countries , such as Ghana and Ivory Coast , to make cocoa powder .
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" I hear from entrepreneurs less domestic production , but also cocoa fermentation takes , " said Bambang . He said they would examine the possibility of a lack of domestic production is due to export or otherwise . ( read : Indonesia Cocoa Chocolate Flavored Not )

Chairman of Indonesian Cocoa Industry Association ( AIKI ) Pieter Jasman said during the local supply of cocoa beans are still not sufficient for the industry . As a result , the industry must look for the supply of cocoa beans from around the world .

According to Pieter , the current local production of cocoa beans is only about 480 thousand tons per year . While the installed capacity cocoa processing industry has now reached 600 thousand tons per year . " So , the industry still requires import 120 thousand tons per year , " he said .

Pieter states demand the abolition of import duties will not affect the cocoa beans for local cocoa farmers . Because, according to him , the local cacao still can be absorbed by the industry . After all , " Approximately 80 percent of processed cocoa products sold to the export market . "


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It Looks New Ford Focus Sedan

Ford has released a new face ( facelift ) Focus Sedan , before the official debut appearance at the New York Auto Show 2014 next week . Not just the look , it turns out there are some significant changes that made ​​the American manufacturer to make this model more and more talk .

The new look , especially from the front , almost the same as the hatchback version , with a grille that belongs to something like Aston Martin . Some new parts , such as front and rear lights , front and rear bumper , to " tongue " of the trunk lid and the rim 17 inches for the SE variant . Overall the sedan look more sporty version than the hatchback version .

The cabin also gets a new twist . Information about the vehicle can be obtained from the integrated touch screen measuring 4.2 or 8 inches with MyFord Touch operating system . All types are now equipped with reverse camera and will appear on the screen the size , the addition of cup holders , and also changed the seat design is more modern designs .

In addition to these changes , Focus Sedan also "rewarded " changes to the chassis and suspension that makes the car more soundproofed , plus more " bite " in the high or low speed . 1,000 cc EcoBoost engine was added as an option , paired with 6-speed manual transmission .
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In addition to the Focus sedan , the Focus Electric will also be on display and several other flagship models , especially for the U.S. domestic market . More details , wait a few more days when the official display at the exhibition