Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Employers criticism Prohibition Permission Minimarket in Sukabumi

Sukabumi City Government policy prohibits the issuance of new mini criticism .
One of them presented Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association ( Hipmi ) District / City of Sukabumi . '' We do not agree with the ban , '' said Chairman Hipmi County / City of Sukabumi , Ade Wahyudin .

According to him , such a move would have a negative impact . For example, an effect on the employment of the business sector minimarket reduced .
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Ideally Ade said , to protect small businesses municipal government impose restrictions on operating hours minimarket has been done in other areas .
It is considered better than the Forbidding to permit the establishment of a minimarket .

According to Ade , mini can also be towed to promote the products of small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) .

Examples of local SME products to be marketed in getting quotas minimarket . So there is a good relationship between the two parties .

Meanwhile the government asks Parliament Sukabumi consistent in banning new permits minimarket . It is associated with local government measures that will not permit the establishment of a minimarket in 2014 . ''

We ask the government did not give permission consistently new minimart establishment , '' said a member of Commission I DPRD Sukabumi , Dany Ramdhani , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .


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