Monday, February 24, 2014

Buy WhatsApp USD 19 billion Zuckerberg Rated Already Crazy

Not long ago the universe was shocked by the actions of technology acquisition is done up to WhatsApp to the redemption value of USD 19 billion, equivalent to Rp 233 trillion ( exchange rate $ 1 = U.S. $ 11,750 ) .

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When specified , the value of the acquisition includes the payment of $ 4 billion in cash and $ 12 billion in the form of Facebook shares . In addition , shares worth USD 3 billion will be given to the owners and employees of pioneering WhatsApp .

Although Kik Messenger CEO Ted Livingston had expressed that WhatsApp worth valued more expensive , but not a few people who judge Facebook too sloppy poured funds for the purchase of this magnitude WhatsApp .

One of them as the result of a poll conducted by the Phone Arena with a simple question , " Is WhatsApp purchases worth $ 19 billion by Facebook include crazy ? "

And the result was 76.53 % polling giver judge 's decision as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to buy WhatsApp with exorbitant dowry is insane action . 23.47 % while the other considers what the Zuckerberg is the right business strategy .

Aswath Damodaran Previously , one a professor of finance at New York University also had to publish his arguments through a blog post about how the acquisition process could benefit Facebook .

According to him , in order to reach the breakeven point ( break even point ) , Facebook requires about 2.5 billion new users WhatsApp that the acquisition has a favorable value of Facebook . If you want more practical , Facebook suggested to raise subscription costs per year WhatsApp .

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Another source is to make money from advertising . Although the founder of WhatsApp refused to run ads in the application , claiming Damodaran Facebook could advertise the application on its own web site without the worry with the risk of users ' fuzzy ' .