Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Win a pair sultra Ready PAN Prabowo-Hatta

Council leader region ( DPC ) Southeast Sulawesi ready PAN won Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa the presidential and vice presidential elections ( presidential ) 9 July 2014.

DPW chairman Nur Alam PAN Southeast Sulawesi , Kendari , on Tuesday said PAN cadres while maintaining its constituents to provide support and unite couples perception in order to win the presidential and vice- presidential candidate backed by the six parties .

Sixth parties supporting mate Prabowo - Hata Rajasa ie Gerindra , PAN , Golkar , PPP , PKS and the United Nations .

" As a party cadre should obey and be subject to the decision of the DPP , all party cadres have a moral obligation to keep constituents in the Presidential election on July 9 , " he said .
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He added that the party cadres will win a pair Prabowo maximum - Hatta along with other supporters of the party in the upcoming presidential election .

According to him , the hard work and loyalty to the interests and will of the people of the PAN party cadres will work with maximum and optimistic to win mate Prabowo - Hatta .

Presidential candidate who had the support of the party 's sixth - supporting mate Prabowo Gerindra Hata Rajasa ie , PAN , Golkar , PPP , PKS partner and the UN declared the president and vice president in the former residence of the former first President Soekarno .


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