Friday, May 2, 2014

Bandung Build 20 Thousand New Classrooms

West Java Provincial Government to prepare a budget for the construction of 20 thousand new classrooms ( RKB ) schools conducted in stages until completion in 2018 .

" 2014 will begin four thousand , until 2018 so 20 thousand , " said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan after a memorial service at the National Education Day 2014 Gedung Sate Bandung , Friday ( 2/5 ) .
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He said it has launched a program of classroom since 2008, each year continues to increase until the year 2013 as many as six thousand RKB .

She revealed by the 2008 number of new classrooms have been improved by 49 per cent , 71 per cent 20014 , 2018 target can be reached 97 percent .

" Therefore will check the physical needs in West Java , West Java needs in the classroom , " he said .

Related to the available budget for the RKB program , confirms Heryawan enough , already calculated the budget required .

" The budget is not enough there is a problem , " said the Prosperous Justice Party politician . In addition to preparing classroom viable for teaching and learning activities , the Governor also seeks to improve the quality of teachers .

While the National Education Day ceremony attended by staff and officials of West Java Provincial Government bureaucracy and the students of junior - high school .


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