Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Most recent GM So in Eye Manufacturing Company Supplier

Among the major manufacturers in the United States ( U.S. ) , General Motors ( GM ) , considered as the worst in the eyes of a number of Tier 1 parts supplier companies . Conclusion is obtained based on a survey conducted by consultancy Planning Perspectives Incorporated ( PPI ) from London , England .

GM only managed to rank last ( sixth ) below the five other manufacturers operating in the U.S. . A major problem for companies that block components , is a matter of trust , communication , and protection of intellectual property .

The largest U.S. automaker is also considered the most difficult to reach an agreement when it would raise the price because the cost of raw material components . Of the total of 55 percent of suppliers are included in the survey consider their relationship with GM 's " bad " to "very bad " .
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Other Brands
Other brands are also coming from the U.S. , Chrysler , also not very successful either because it just sits rated five and under Ford ( four ) . Third place was taken the Nissan from Ford last year 's ranking master . Toyota is still a favorite for corporate manufacturers component suppliers , followed by Honda in second .

PPI also conducted a survey of Volkswagen , BMW , and Mercedes - Benz , but all of these brands in the category of small manufacturers in the market because the percentage is relatively far behind the U.S. and Japan brand sales .

As a result, the value obtained from the Mercedes and VW occupied warning under the GM , while BMW selangah behind Toyota . Reported by Reuters ( 12/05/2014 ) , these results suggest that U.S. manufacturers are facing serious problems than the Japanese one looks better relationship with industry supporters .

John Henke , PPI leader and researcher of the Center for Supply Chain Management at Rutgers University , said the popularity of the Toyota and Nissan among supplier companies increased sharply . " Conditions are able to enter the era of supplier relationships that are less good for Detroit Trio , " Henke said .

The reason , Japanese manufacturers position themselves not just want to take advantage of a poor relationship between the company and the supplier of the Detroit Trio . But , they simultaneously raise the standard of the company 's relationship with its component suppliers .


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