Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Android Got a New Logo ?

Android logo for this article has a futuristic impression and robotics . The logo has been used for about 5 and a half years . Now Google is allegedly being minded to change .

In a video of the boot animation from the wearable device , the LG G Watch is circulating on YouTube , writing Android logo looks different than before .( Read: proses pengecoran aluminium )

At the end of the video with a duration of 17 seconds , the LG display logos Android posts with a new look . The article has a lowercase font with a softer , more friendly than impressed robotic futuristic impression that is used today .

Google is currently in Phase Wear launched the Android platform that is intended for wearable devices high-end , including the LG G Watch it .

However , the authenticity of the video is still questionable . Is it true that it is a video animation boot device LG G Watch which will be released or not .

However, the video is uploaded by Upleaks Admin account , which also has a Twitter account @ upleaks . The account in his Bio whistleblowers claimed as new smartphones and smartphones are in China .

Previously Google has also been overhauling the Motorola logo in 2013 and when the company was still under his control .(Read: lampu led merk surya )

But according to The Verge ( 06/03/2014 ) , a new logo Android ( if true ) is similar to the logo of the supermarket chain Bloomingdale . With associate Android with upscale retailers stores in the minds of consumers through a logo , it could be a good move for Google .


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