Saturday, June 7, 2014

It is He, Discounts and Promo Fun at ICS 2014

Exhibition Indonesia Cellular Show 2014 (ICS 2014) used by retailers of electronic products for a wide range of products to market-leading products, such as the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, Z10 BlackBerry, and so on.
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Generally, a large electronics retailer like Erafone, Oke Shop and Global Teleshop, provide strategies special discounts or cashback to attract buyers. However, the number of gadgets that are sold at the special price of only a limited number of units per day.

As performed by Erafone retailer, the retailer provides a number of gadgets like the Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2, iPhone 5S and LG Nexus 5 at a special price, but the unit is limited to the number of first-time buyers only.

Nokia XL also be excellent in Erafone booth. Because the last series Nokia's Android for the first time sold at ICS 2014. Erafone even give cashback program to $ 200 thousand from the normal price of Rp 2,199 million. Erafone claimed to provide 600 units of Nokia XL ICS exhibitions throughout 2014.

Most retailers there that do not reduce the selling price for a particular gadget, but giving bonuses or other gimmick, as is done by Oke Shop which sells Samsung Galaxy S5 Harman Kardon speakers with a bonus worth Rp 3 million.

While Global Teleshop provide many discount programs for the Apple smartphone enthusiasts from various series. Starting from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5S.

BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry Z3 according watchlist KompasTekno much sought after by visitors to the exhibition. Unfortunately, the unit is still limited them to bite the fingers. The retailers admit they do not yet have a BlackBerry unit Z3 for sale at the exhibition ICS 2014.

However, visitors can still get a new smartphone in the BlackBerry booth made by mobile operators who also participated in the event ICS 2014.

The operator XL for example, the BlackBerry Z3 sells for Rp 1,899 million (Prepaid) and Rp 1,579 million (Postpaid) at their booth. However, the special price is valid only for 20 units per day, and go on sale at 5 pm.

While the operator Indosat BlackBerry Z3 give rebates of USD 2,199 million to USD 1.99 million. However Indosat sold only in limited quantities and only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

List Promo

Here are details of the promo-premium smartphone smartphones at ICS 2014:

Samsung Galaxy S5: Rp 8,5 juta menjadi Rp 8,2 juta (15 unit tiap hari)
Sony Xperia Z2: Rp 8,5 juta bonus lucky card 200 ribu dan voucher belanja 300 ribu (4 unit tiap hari)
iPhone 5S 16 GB: Rp 10,5 menjadi Rp 9 juta (10 unit tiap hari)
LG Nexus 5: Rp 5,7 juta menjadi Rp 5,2 juta (30 unit tiap hari)
Nokia XL: Rp 2,199 juta menjadi Rp 1,99 juta

Galaxy S5: Rp 8,499 juta plus bonus speaker Harman Kardon senilai Rp 3,99 juta
iPhone 4 8 GB: Rp 3,699 menjadi Rp 2,999 juta (30 unit tiap hari)
BlackBerry Z3 Rp 2,199 juta (stok tidak ada)
BlackBerry Z10: Rp 3,499 juta menjadi Rp 3,199 juta

Global Teleshop
iPhone 4 8 GB: Rp 3,699 juta menjadi Rp 2,999 juta
iPhone 5C 16 GB: Rp 7,999 juta menjadi Rp 6,999 juta
iPhone 5C 32 GB: Rp 9,499 juta menjadi Rp 7,999 juta
iPhone 5S 16 GB: Rp 9,999 juta menjadi Rp 8,999 juta (gold), dan 8,799 juta (silver/grey)
iPhone 5S 32 GB: Rp 11,499 juta menjadi Rp 9,999 juta
Xperia Z2: Rp 8,499 juta menjadi Rp 7,999 juta


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